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Tug Master training/ instruction

Presently, more and more modern tugs fitted with omni-directional propulsion systems are integrated in the world-wide tug fleet, replacing older tugs with simple propulsion systems. These high-end propulsion systems demand another mode of operation with the tug. Tug masters assigned to these vessels are often not sufficiently trained and will only reach about 50% efficiency when working with the tug. But more importantly, they will not meet the minimum requirement on safe handling with regards to the tug operation and the operation on the assisted vessel. That leaves a high risk on the investment and a possible high reputation damage.

Trimco can mitigate the risk on such scenarios. Contra to other training centre’s we have decided to decompose the entire training palette into tug handling and harbour towage. We believe that one can only serve on other vessels if one is in full control of their own vessel. In the tug handling course the trainee will be made proficient in controlling the tug at all times and under all environmental conditions.

Once proficient in tug control, the trainee can enter the harbour towage course. In this course, all possible manoeuvres and techniques with the tug servicing other vessels are trained. Much emphasis is put on efficiency, effectiveness, safety and fuel consumption. All courses carry a great deal of theory and are simulator supported.

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