Strategic partners

An organization is only as strong as the link between the various components! Therefore, Trimco emphasizes building a solid foundation based on relationships. True value emerges when individual professionals experience complementary skills and competences within their team. Together with high-end leading maritime companies and individual expert professionals, we have formed a team that delivers not only tug- and ship-handling courses at any given level, but also feasibility studies, tug fleet composition studies, port layout studies, ice training etc. The range is endless.

Trimco can be regarded as a “one stop shop” when it comes to ship handling in the broadest sense. It makes us feel proud being part of this highly professional team, but even more so because I can count most of them as belonging to my inner circle of close personal friends. Again, it is the relationship that makes it count!

We apply the same philosophy toward our clients. We emphasize building a relationship based on professionality, trust and mutual respect. Given the choice between a one-time lucrative deal or a lasting relationship, Trimco will always opt for the latter. Building relationships is also building a network of various competences, thus enforcing the strategic position of the whole team.

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