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I would like to take the opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for captain Cor de Ridder.

I have known captain de Ridder as a well-experienced tugboat master, capable of handling the most modern and versatile tugs. In addition, he exhibits the quality of being able to listen to the client and to give clear advice in solving the challenge raised. Because of this ability, I have used captain de Ridder’s advice in complicated nautical matters during simulation runs of various nature and in practice.

Because of my positive, reliable and pleasant professional contact with captain de Ridder, I highly recommend him for any future employment.

Captain Cor Oudendijk
(State) Harbour Master for the Amsterdam North Sea Canal Region, Director of Shipping, Port of Amsterdam

I have worked with Cor in his various capacities at Svitzer. At first, he was a Senior Captain and Senior Training Captain on our modern fleet of tugs. He distinguished himself by showing a concern and interest for matters beyond mastering a tug and became involved in the bigger picture. His training skills were excellent and he always ended an individual program with a thorough motivation. His knowledge and experience were recognized and called upon throughout the whole Svitzer Group.

When the position of Operations Manager at Svitzer Amsterdam became vacant, Cor was the logical candidate. In this position, besides managing the day-to-day operations, which showed his inventive problem-solving skills, he also developed a new crew-training program and crew-appraisal system. Again, this was recognized throughout the group, and crews from other, international Svitzer offices were sent to Amsterdam for their training.

In this time, Cor followed both an internal and external management course and he remained keen on learning beyond the boundaries of his current position. When the position for General Manager Svitzer Amsterdam became available, Cor was again the logical candidate. He immediately became involved and leading in various very complex dossiers at the same time. Besides that, he developed his commercial and relation management skills and became a well-respected member of the Amsterdam port community. Cor is inventive, eager and capable. He can handle change very well, and I am confident to recommend him.

Jurriaan Blom
Managing Director, SVITZER Euromed

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