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Tug Master training/ instruction

Maritime Pilots are professional ship handlers, offering their services to any ship calling on their port. They are responsible for a safe and efficient passage, manoeuvring in confined areas and subsequent berthing / unberthing of all vessels in the area. To do that they make use of all navigational equipment and resources at their disposal, mostly found onboard of the vessel under pilotage.

One of the external resources available, are tugs. Maritime Pilots undergo a high level of training after they’ve already served many years as a ship’s Master. Unfortunately, the “tug module” is not always dominantly present in the curriculum. Insufficient knowledge on tug use leads to degrading a valuable tool into a vector quantity, of which to outcome carries a high degree of uncertainty.

Trimco is specialized in ship-handling courses under tug assistance at various levels. We have an ongoing commitment with all pilot associations active in North-West Germany. The objective of these courses is to familiarise the pilots with the competences, the most effective way of working, and most importantly the limitations of the tug. All courses carry a great deal of theory and are simulator supported.

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