• Trimco - We Provide Safety to Towage

Assistance on choosing the right towage material for the job at hand!

Trimco is regularly called in for consultancy on new developments and strategic choices by various parties. These developments can vary from the choice of type of tug for a towage company, or advice on the preferred way of working on a new FPSO/FLNG project, to setting up a tug service program on a new port area development.

Variation in geographical areas and environmental conditions can pose different requirements on the tugs. The choices are capital intensive and cast a long future shadow. Too often the client is confronted with a lack of adequate inhouse knowledge of towage as a whole. Trimco can provide such knowledge and allow you to come to a long-term decision based on hard facts, providing a firm foundation.

Throughout the years we have consulted almost every oil major on various projects to make the right choices when it comes to tugs and towage. Every advice given is supported by proper ship and tug manoeuvring characteristics and (if necessary) simulator analysis. More than forty years of experience in the field guarantees the best possible consultancy in the industry.

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