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    We Provide Safety to Towage

    Trimco - We Provide Safety to Towage

What is Trimco
and what does it stand for?

Trimco (TRaining, Instruction and Maritime COnsultancy was founded in 2010 by Dutch captain Cor de Ridder. Trimco perceives the maritime world from an education and training perspective. By enhancing skills and competences, Trimco has already made a large contribution over the years.

Trimco lives by its slogan: “We Provide Safety To Towage.” We strongly believe that raising skills and competences over a complete range of disciplines will ultimately raise the safety level of the entire operation! Whether it is the tug master, the pilot or the Ship’s Master who needs training/instruction, Trimco can service all.

Ship handling and tug assistance

Trimco’s overall product is “ship handling with tug assistance”. That includes several tug-handling courses, but also Pilot and Ship’s Master training. We have developed a wide variety of curricula, covering all aspects of ship handling with or without tug assistance. These include developing competence in operating conventional, azimuth stern drive (ASD) and tractor tugs.

Next to the basic curricula, we also developed training modules for short sea towage (barge towing), maximizing tug performance in offshore towage, floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) operations, export tanker handling and optimizing bollard pull test performance. There is a common thread to all courses, but each is tailor-made to meet pre-set goals and trainee exit levels.

Tug Master training/instruction

Nowadays, more and more modern tugs fitted with omnidirectional propulsion systems are integrated in the world-wide tug fleet, replacing older tugs with simple propulsion systems…

Pilot training/instruction

Maritime Pilots are professional ship handlers, offering their services to any ship calling into their port/area. They are responsible for a safe and efficient passage, maneuvering in confined areas and subsequent berthing/unberthing of all vessels in the area. To do that, they make use of all navigational equipment and resources at their disposal, mostly found onboard of the vessel under pilotage…

Our strength is the training of professionals in the shipping industry.

The ship is central, but the human aspects are the beacons that we will never lose sight of.

Training/instruction of Masters and Chief Officers on sea-going vessels

Another Trimco specialism is ship-handling courses for Ship’s Masters and Mates of carriers that, due to their size or operation, need tug assistance. A large number of incidents can be related to poor ship handling, inadequate communication and overall poor performance of tugs working under pilotage. In many cases, the Ship’s Master is left out of the bridge team as a result of insufficient knowledge on the basic principles of tugs and harbor towage.

Assistance on choosing the right towage material for the job at hand!

Trimco is regularly called in for consultancy on new developments and strategic choices by various parties. These developments can vary from the choice of type of tug for a towage company, or advice on the preferred way of working on a new FPSO/FLNG project, to setting up a tug service program on a new port area development…

Strategic partners

An organization is only as strong as the link between the various components! Therefore, Trimco emphasizes building a solid foundation based on relationships. True value emerges when individual professionals experience complementary skills and…

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